Through our decades of experience guiding engineers and manufacturers in fastening strategies, we have accomplished some notable milestones at DRIV-LOK:

Re-specification Of Parts = 15% COST SAVINGS
By identifying a re-specification of current DRIV-LOK supplied parts, DRIV-LOK helped an automotive transmission customer eliminate the chamfering process, achieving significant time and cost savings.

Value Engineering = 25% COST SAVINGS
DRIV-LOK EngiNomics® provided this automotive customer with value engineering to align current DRIV-LOK parts with new assembly designs or configurations.

Process Improvements = 15% COST SAVINGS
Working closely with a producer of motor vehicle engines, DRIV-LOK identified a process conversion that saved time and money for this customer.

Identification Of Optimal Parts = UP TO 50% COST SAVINGS
DRIV-LOK helped this sports/marine customer by re-configuring the Dowel Pin with a DRIV-LOK split hollow dowel pin that saved assembly time and cost.

Cost Reduction Of More Than $750,000
DRIV-LOK’s systematic approach for examining fastening design, production and assembly has reduced customer costs by more than $750,000 in one year alone. In addition:

  • In just one 12-month period, DRIV-LOK delivered more than 213 million products on time, every time.
  • Over 100 pieces of manufacturing equipment made within Driv-Lok’s facility to service a broad spectrum of fastening needs.

With more offerings than any other press-fit fastening manufacturer, DRIV-LOK offers flexibility without bias on the best fastening solution. See more of the true-life success stories we’ve created. Then contact us today to create a custom fastening strategy that will promote your assembly and product performance.