Automotive Industry – Fastening Strategies

Automotive Fasteners

The automotive industry is one of the biggest production industries in the world and one of the most important economic sectors based on revenue. Automotive manufacturing occurs all over the world and millions of people use automobiles on every continent.

With millions of vehicles produced every year, automotive companies place a great deal of emphasis on assembly efficiency and safety. Efficient usage of materials and proper assembly techniques can equate to massive savings of time and money, and also promote consumer safety.

For more than 70 years DRIV-LOK has produced American-made fastening products regarded by auto manufacturers as the most durable, reliable and secure in the industry. In addition to obtaining top quality parts, auto manufacturers have attained significant cost savings through DRIV-LOK EngiNomics®, a systematic approach for optimizing fastening design, product and assembly that alleviates high customization time and costs.

Like many manufacturers, the automotive industry has realized cost gains can be achieved through smarter fastening solutions. DRIV-LOK has extensive experience in fastening strategies for auto manufacturing, and a long list of success stories in the automotive industry.

Automotive Manufacturing Concerns

Automotive manufacturing occurs largely in assembly lines, with millions of vehicles steadily produced every year. If the cost of every car produced by a single manufacturer could be decreased by even a cent or two, profits would considerably increase. Car companies are constantly using new materials and manufacturing techniques in order to produce more efficient and cost-effective runs.

Additionally, car companies can suffer tremendous losses in profits with faulty manufacturing and product assembly due to safety recalls. Even tiny flaws can spoil an entire manufacturing run, and often, they are unfixable defects. Perhaps even more destructive is damage to a car company reputation, which can lead to sales losses.

Automotive equipment manufactured on large-scale assembly lines should be analyzed down to the finest details. Automotive fasteners play integral roles in locking and pivoting functions of vehicle construction and are used in varying applications.

Choose the Right Fastener for the Job

Automotive equipment manufactured in large volumes can benefit immensely from intelligent fastening solutions. Faster and more efficient assembly processes save time, money, and promote safety.

Incorporating specialized automotive fasteners has been proven to eliminate wasted time and extra steps in automotive manufacturing, and can also increase product functionality. Many complex alignment concerns within complicated automotive parts can be solved using a tailor-made fastener.

Leakage may be reduced between contact points by implementing this custom-fit pinning product, increasing productivity and decreasing product wear.

Integral fastening and locking components in vehicle construction can be pivotal in addressing safety concerns. Using the appropriate materials to meet pressure and friction demands is of large importance.

The Driv-Lok Difference

The automotive industry requires a keen eye for productivity, efficiency, and safety. Automotive fasteners should be engineered to meet rigorous manufacturing requirements and safety considerations. Unnecessary production steps, wasted material, and minor defects can cause disorder in automotive production runs.

Driv-Lok’s engineers have worked with major automotive manufacturers and our fastening products have increased product ROI and optimized results for years. Our Enginomics experts can address any automotive fastening requirements and provide effective, intelligent solutions.

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DRIV-LOK’s six families of pins and fasteners produce endless combinations of strategic fastening solutions. With more offerings than any other press-fit fastening manufacturer, DRIV-LOK offers flexibility without bias on the best fastening solution. Contact us today to create a custom fastening strategy that will promote your assembly and product performance.