Fastening Strategies for Medical Industry

Healthcare and medical equipment manufacturers trust DRIV-LOK for smarter fastening solutions that deliver superior customization and quality. For more than 70 years DRIV-LOK has produced American-made fastening products regarded as the most durable, reliable and secure in the industry. Today healthcare and medical manufacturers also rely on DRIV-LOK EngiNomics®, a systematic approach for optimizing fastening design, product and assembly that alleviates high customization time and costs.

Healthcare and medical equipment are products vital to medical professionals, staff, and patients. Equipment manufacturers are trusted to produce high-quality items that can be counted on for durability, safety, and consistency throughout their use.

Medical fasteners can play a vital role in the performance and durability of various types of medical equipment. With the safety of patients and medical staff at stake, these products and their manufacturing processes need to function correctly and efficiently.

Medical Equipment Concerns

Healthcare professionals use a variety of equipment on a daily basis to perform their duties. Many of these tasks can directly affect the lives of patients and are heavily reliant upon the trust that professionals place on medical gear and devices.

Faulty products, design flaws, and performance inconsistencies can lead not only to dissatisfied users, but the physical harm of medical staff or patients. Equipment used in emergency rooms, doctor offices, and EMT vehicles are on the front lines of immediate patient healthcare, and must be highly efficient and reliable.

The manufacturing processes used to produce medical equipment should be as highly analyzed as the final products themselves. Proper fitting of all components and diligent testing of materials should occur on every level of assembly.

Choose the Right Fastener for the Job

Medical device and equipment manufacturing is a major industrial sector, with various kinds of products being purchased by the healthcare industry. Design and assembly of this equipment should be bolstered by intelligent medical fasteners.

Durability and consistency of medical equipment can be vastly improved by incorporating a bespoke pin, stud, or dowel into a process segment. Products with components that have been carefully measured and crafted to withstand the appropriate stresses and durability concerns will be exponentially more reliable than products with generic alternatives.

Product wear & tear can often result in compromised performance and durability. Vibration and friction can cause joints to loosen, making products susceptible to failure without any apparent damage. Incorporating the proper fastening component into these products can prevent such failures, increasing equipment longevity, safety, and consistency.

The Driv-Lok Difference

Even simple product incompetence like joint loosening due to wear and tear can result in major problems with medical equipment. Healthcare professionals and patients often rely on this equipment; therefore, its quality should reflect that. Driv-Lok professionals are experts in precision customization, and can identify the perfect pinning, pivot or joining solution for any type of medical equipment manufacturing concern.

See why top distributors choose DRIV-LOK for press-fit fastening and joining components to build products providing dynamic, profitable growth.

DRIV-LOK’s six families of pins and fasteners produce endless combinations of strategic fastening solutions. Contact us today to create a custom fastening strategy that will promote your assembly and product performance.