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As the leading manufacturer of the broadest range of press-fit fastening and joining components, DRIV-LOK has the most comprehensive understanding of press-fit assembly alternatives to provide our customers the most economical solutions for their unique needs.

With more offerings than any other press-fit fastening manufacturer, DRIV-LOK offers flexibility without bias on the best fastening solution. To help our customers identify the most strategic solution for their needs, we have catalogued our products into six families that consist of standard and special configurations:

Grooved Pins & Studs

Grooved pins are non-threaded press fit fasteners — a fastener that is pressed into an appropriate sized hole, providing the proper interference fit to lock the fastener in place.

Knurled Pins & Studs

These are similar to grooved pins in that they have serrations around the diameter. However, knurled pins feature many more serrations. They are press fit fasteners that, when compressed into a hole, extrude radial forces to hold the fastener in place.

Barb-Lok & Ferrol Pins & Studs

The specially designed barbs on BARB-LOK and Ferrol pins and studs provide positive fastening and replacement of conventional screws, barbed nails and other fasteners.

Slotted & Coiled Spring Pins

Slotted & Coiled Spring or hollow pins are economical, universally used shear-type fasteners that are self-locking. They’re manufactured to an oversize dimension so that when the pin is inserted into a hole, radial forces are exerted that hold the spring pin in place.

Split & Seamless Hollow Dowels

This is an excellent cost-saving option not widely offered by other manufacturers. As a result of using less material and eliminating reaming and finishing, the Split Hollow Dowel can save you between 30-40%.

Custom & Precision Solid Dowel Pins

Solid Dowels are cylindrical pins with a centerless ground finish that provide total precision tolerances. They are used in the same manner as Grooved Pins when highly accurate location is required.

There are numerous approaches to identifying the most effective fastening solution, and the options can be overwhelming. DRIV-LOK is here to help – starting with our EngiNomics® process, where we identify, design and produce press fit fasteners customized to your specifications. See how EngiNomics® has helped other companies, then

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