Custom Fastening Solutions for Product Designers & Engineers

Are you under pressure to reduce costs? Do seemingly minor components have incremental cost factors over time: lines down during assembly, product reliability and safety issues, recalls and other post production failures where back-cost are incurred or profits are reduced? Product designers and engineers look to Driv-Lok for expert insights that improve fastening assembly and process that save money and boost profits.

EngiNomics is the methodology developed by Driv-Lok to deliver manufacturers better economics based on engineered improvements. Driv-Lok’s teams of experts delve into client needs, asking all the right questions to thoroughly understand what matters. Whether you need to improve fastening assembly workflow or come up with a new fastener to meet an engineering need, our experts can help your design engineers find the right solution, cut manufacturing costs, and increase profits.

To learn more about our custom fastening services, or to discuss an upcoming project, please complete the form below. Our product engineers will get back to you shortly.

We have worked with industrial, military, automotive, medical, and aerospace clients to meet unique needs with custom precision fasteners. Our product engineers have helped clients to:

  • Develop a unique U-groove fastener to secure the actuator for an automotive industry client
  • Implement a grooved pin fastener for a heavy equipment manufacturing client to improve manufacturing time and machinery performance
  • Engineer a unique grooved pin to hold a hand tool in position for a client who needed a custom solution and reduced costs
  • Replace an existing solid dowel pin with a Driv-Lok split hollow dowel pin that saved assembly time and cost

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