Strategies for Military Fasteners

Based in the heart of the Midwest and founded on American ingenuity, DRIV-LOK proudly supports government contracts through superior products and fastening strategies that support project security and quality control while meeting timelines and budgets.

Government contractors often have to work with specific conditions and requirements. Military contracts can feature especially stringent budgeting, timing, and delivery expectations by government agencies, and thus must be handled carefully.

Efficient and timely manufacturing processes are critical for military deliveries, and military fasteners can play a major role in those processes. Obtaining a military production contract is vital to the success of a business, and producing a quality product, on time and under budget, can lead to further success down the road.

Military Production Concerns

Military contracts are granted to all different kinds of companies and in a variety of industries. The U.S. government works with private entities to procure vehicles, machinery, and equipment of all types.

Budgeting is of great concern to all customers, but especially to government agencies. Companies that can guarantee production of a quality product while meeting a strict budget will have a distinct advantage over competitors. Even minor flaws in manufacturing or product assembly can lead to incremental cost increases, and thus these processes must be carefully laid out before they begin.

In addition to budgeting concerns, government contracts can also come with strict time restrictions. If a contractor cannot guarantee delivery in a timely manner, the government entity in question may choose to work with an alternate vendor. Without the most efficient processes in place, manufacturing speed will suffer, and so will the chances of winning the contract.

Choose the Right Fastener for the Job

Whether you’re producing specialized vehicles, roll-formed steel or airplane engines, every production and assembly process can be improved. Military and commercial equipment manufacturing both benefit from decreased waste, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Military fasteners of all kinds can be implemented into existing manufacturing techniques, improving production speed and efficiency. In many instances, entire phases of production and unnecessary components can be shed from an assembly process with the introduction of an advanced fastening, locking or alignment product.

The reduction of required materials and decrease in assembly line time leads to cost savings and faster production runs. When contracting with the military, even tiny changes to your process can mean the difference between finishing on time or late, under budget or over.

The Driv-Lok Difference

Military and commercial equipment manufacturing will always benefit from cost reduction and time savings. Optimizing production with intelligent fastening solutions will result in both.

With a Driv-Lok Enginomics expert at your disposal, you can be sure that your next production run will be as efficient possible.

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DRIV-LOK’s six families of pins and fasteners produce endless combinations of strategic fastening solutions. Contact us today to create a custom fastening strategy that will promote your assembly and product performance.