Barb-Lok & Ferrol Pins & Studs

DRIV-LOK BARB & Ferrol pin and stud designs have been used for more than 15 years with no failures recorded in the field.

BARB-LOK and Ferrol pins & studs provide positive fastening and replacement of conventional screws, barbed nails and other fasteners.

  • Use these in plastic applications and some metals
  • Made from low-carbon steel or aluminum and zinc plated with other finishes available
  • Pins are made to order, available with barbs on one or both ends
  • Studs are available in a wide range of dimensions and can also be ordered to specifications
  • Style Choices:
    Pin: Type 1 & Type 2;
    Stud: Flat Head & Round Head


The barbs are located at 120° intervals on the diameter of the pin. The number of barbs along the length of the pin, and the distance between the barbs are determined by pin diameter and customer requirements. The crests of the barbs constitute the expanded diameter. The expanded diameter of the barbed pin is measured on the second barb from the end of the pin and is measured with a ring gage.

BARB-LOK Pins and Studs are made from low carbon steel or aluminum. Low carbon BARB-LOK Pins and Studs are zinc platedfor corrosion resistance. Other finishes are available upon request.


Barbed pin holding power is affected by the pin diameter relative to the hole diameter and material hardness. The recommended hole size for most soft plastic applications is .001 to .005 below the nominal pin diameter. Hole sizes for hard plastic and aluminum applications should be greater than the nominal pin diameter. Specific hole sizes should be determined for each individual application. Ideal product for tamper-resistant applications.



CAD Diagram

Success stories


A major manufacturer of infant car seats required a more reliable
method of holding the armrest onto the seat. Their former method
was to use a standard screw to fasten the armrest in place. The
movement of the armrest up and down would loosen the screw.
They needed a method that would hold the armrest fi rmly in place,
while still allowing it to rotate as designed.


Through our ENGINOMICS ®, Driv-Lok Inc. identifi ed a solution to
the problem by using an engineered Ferrol Stud. Ferrols around the
circumference of the pin are designed so the plastic fl ows over
them when the pin is inserted. The ferrols then lock into the plastic,
making removal of the pin virtually impossible. This allows the arm
to rotate freely while maintaining the required tight fit.



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