Success Stories

By combining its EngiNomics® services with its top-quality press-fit fasteners and joining products, DRIV-LOK helps companies achieve maximum results with minimized cost. DRIV-LOK EngiNomics® continues to achieve significant cost savings for its customers:

Bionic Wrench Groove Pin – A current DRIV-LOK tool manufacturing customer was developing a new line of wrenches. More >

Broadhead Groove Pin – A leader in the Archery Industry has developed the first true Switchblade Mechanical Broadhead (arrow) in the bow hunting field. More >

Carseat Ferrol Stud – A major manufacturer of infant car seats required a more reliable method of holding the armrest onto the seat. More >

Closed Seam Hollow Dowels – A leading automotive assembly manufacturer required a dual-purpose fastener to replace the more expensive alignment part they had been using. More >

Groove Pin Actuator – A leading Tier 1 automotive supplier in the actuator industry required a method of securing a small plastic shroud to the actuator housing. More >

Hammer Groove Pin – A customer with an innovative hand tool design required a method of retaining the tool plunger in a locked position. More >

Knurled Pins – A customer was looking for a way to fasten an aluminum extrusion to an aluminum end plate for use in a lighting application. More >

Plastic Tubing Groove Pin – This customer was supplying coils of plastic tubing, which were wound around a steel structure that was 8-10 feet in diameter and assembled with nuts and bolts. More >

Transmission Split Hollow Dowel – A leading automotive manufacturer requested engineering assistance from Driv-Lok to solve an assembly problem on one of their transmission lines. More >

Type E Groove Pins – A heavy equipment manufacturer using a threaded fastener was experiencing loosening of the joint due to vibration in a hinged joint application. More >

At DRIV-LOK, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest manufacturers to design and produce press-fit fasteners, provide machining expertise and identify fastening strategies that shorten lead times and optimize results. Let us create a success story for you – contact us today to learn more.