At the heart of success for the aerospace industry is ingenuity and innovation. With more than 70 years experience crafting fasteners and fastening strategies, DRIV-LOK leads the industry in fastener ingenuity that promotes performance and minimizes cost. Engineers and product designers for some of the world’s largest manufacturers have called upon DRIV-LOK for its fastener insights, which consistently improve assembly and product performance.

The Role of Aircraft Fasteners in Advanced Mechanics

Today, the aerospace industry uses some of the most advanced technologies available in manufacturing. Aircraft production, safety, and performance can be affected by minor degrees of inefficiency, thus production techniques, parts and materials need to be specifically engineered to function on par with specifications.

Aircraft fasteners may play a seemingly minor role in the advanced mechanics found in jet engines, airframes and avionics systems, but efficient performance in aviation technology begins with the very first screw.

Aircraft Equipment Concerns

Mechanical precision is a primary concern for aviation and aerospace manufacturers. Equipment must be expertly measured, aligned and attuned in order to function properly and consistently. Aircraft fasteners appear in all levels of aviation technology and should be equally tailored for performance.

With the high costs associated with aircraft and aviation technology, manufacturers cannot afford to scrap production runs due to defects or ineffective component integration. Assembly practices need to be refined to perfection, with minimal waste/energy consumption, and time expenditures.

Lastly, aviation and aerospace companies must ensure that every level of production meets rigorous safety standards. Components and materials have to be specifically engineered to withstand unique pressure and temperature concerns in order to meet regulations.

Without the proper framework in place, minor inefficiencies and defects can cause major safety concerns and lead to economic losses.

Choose the Right Fastener for the Job

In order to meet the demanding needs of the aviation industry, aviation fasteners should be equally diligent in their planning, engineering, and implementation. Precision fitting in aerospace fasteners can produce increased functionality and eliminate extra materials. Excess weight and inefficient processes are never a desired byproduct of aviation engineering.

On the assembly line, every aspect of aviation manufacturing should be efficiently and intelligently implemented. Costly engine defects or drawbacks can often be avoided by employing the correct aircraft fastener. Vibration, heat, and pressure can cause joint loosening between poorly fastened components, which can result in major production flaws and safety issues.

With the appropriate pinning, alignment and fastening solutions are present throughout an entire aviation manufacturing process and products will function more safely and efficiently.

The Driv-Lok Difference

Aviation and aerospace professionals thrive on precision engineering and intelligent technology. At the core of aircraft manufacturing should be components fitted with fastening solutions that match this degree of product precision. Click here to know what makes us different.

Driv-Lok’s line of completely customizable pinning, fastening, and alignment products can dramatically enhance aerospace manufacturing processes and increase production efficiency.

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