DRIV-LOK, Inc.’s Divya Behl Receives 2015 STEP Award  

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The Vice President of Operations and Industrial Engineering for DRIV-LOCK, Inc., has been awarded the 2015 STEP Award. Honoring women in manufacturing, the STEP Award shows Divya Behl’s outstanding performance in a male-dominated field.

Divya Behl, Vice President of Operations and Industrial Engineering for DRIV-LOK, Inc., has been awarded the 2015 STEP Ahead Award from the Manufacturing Institute. Ms. Behl’s leadership and innovative ways of thinking caused her to catch the attention of the STEP Ahead Award committee.

Starting in 2012, the Manufacturing Institute has chosen a woman to receive the STEP Ahead Award. The recipient is a leader in science, technology, engineering and production, who have shown that women can be strong in these roles. The recipients show thorough readership, research, and recognition in their fields, whether they work on the factory floor or the executive level.

When asked about her role in the field of engineering, and why she feels it is so important to the future, Ms. Behl said, “I believe manufacturing is the key to prosperity for a country and its people. It is the pathway for job and personal wealth creation. In the U.S., for everyone job in manufacturing, an additional 4.6 jobs are created, with 90 percent carrying medical benefits.”

Ms. Behl established credibility in DRIV-LOK by giving the people a voice. Using input from employees, she creates a plan that improves a facility for both its people and its processes. She used the input of seasoned workers to effectively increase outcome for the facility.

Ms. Behl was recognized by the Manufacturing Institute for her work not only for herself as a professional, but also for DRIV-LOK. Her technical understanding and thought leadership combine to help the company succeed. She is able to see the big picture to devise a marketing strategy that fills the company’s need well, while bringing in innovation and leadership skills from an adaptable leader when needed.


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